If there is any instances available which are to be reported to make Geeks Live where your support technical experts have been unable to make a resolve the given issue or those issues that lie out of our given scope then the given refund and the known cancellation policy would be completely applicable .For our given per incidental plans, some of our Money-Back Guarantee is almost valid for 7 days, beginning at almost time of 1st Incident. For the subscription-based plan the Money-Back will be Guarantee and is valid for almost 30 days, beginning at almost the time of the online purchase for the known plans that had been available almost for three months, that will almost be refund for a duration of up to 50% if there is no incident referred, and if only the one incident has almost been referred as per incident the fee will be charged and balance will almost be refunded. For a period to exceed six months, Geeks Live will make an exercise with its discretion in almost deciding, almost depending upon the given time invested in it, from No other refund to Pro-rata refund on the case to case basis.

Usage Policy:

Geeks Live expects you to make a fair use of the services to have resolve for any problem under the given plan. Geeks Live will also endeavor to do it at best and to attend all your requirements. We can expect you to make the use of the services for your well registered hardware and the software and not for some others. Should there be any situation where Geeks Live could make a feel that it has almost done everything that is possible and be at the best of its judgment, the given issue has been almost resolved and your calls are there nothing but almost an intentional harassment, the agreement will almost terminated. You have also there right to do it almost but as you are not the entitled to refund. You will also not allow the others to use your given account for using the services.

You could undertake that you will have to create any of the hyperlinks to given within any portion of Geeks Live portal. You could make an agreement for not only to use any fake identity and but to do any act which is not completely permitted under law.

You will not their interfere in our normal working, our servers causing damage to our image and systems, hack our website, harass our staff, and email IDs and passwords of our clients, our processes. You will not spread virus and abuse the given system in any manner.

You will not only upload or make a post of any pornographic material or the objectionable matter and causing infringement of the intellectual property rights with others. You could undertake to keep Geeks Live almost harmless and then indemnify for all your given actions that may also lead to initiation of the legal action or with the court judgment or harm Geeks Live in any of the given manner.

During our given support Geeks Live may also ask you to acquire and install the third party software on your given system. By doing such suggestions Geeks Live does not provide guarantee for the quality or performance of the given software or application and we could make no warranty that we are almost acting on the behalf of given such party in any of the manner. However, there may also be situations where Geeks Live may also suggest you to make of the avail third party services, equipment and software and may also include the technical support, training, storage, games, music, etc. In that case it is for you to almost decide and avail these services and once you make an opt, you must not only breach their terms and conditions and you will agree not to hold us responsible for the given consequences arising almost out of use of the such services.


The service agreement will almost be terminated if you could misuse or abuse support (in the given sole judgment of Geeks Live) or almost try to damage or make an interference with our system or to violate any term of this agreement or it is almost directed by the law or we are unable to be provided with the services or there are the reasons beyond our given control that prevent us almost from the rendering services or we don't get renewed your plan. In either of the case, circumstances permitting, we will almost notify you with our decision. You can also choose to get an agreement terminate at your will and then terms of refund policy will apply.

Limitation to act:

Any of the action you contemplate to get initiated must be almost within a year from the given date of your cause of the action or the expiry of the given term of the plan, whichever is given earlier. You could agree that the given extended period of the plan will not only be used to facilitate the application of all law of limitations to make a cover otherwise uncover able to old act. Should there be some case available where Geeks Live is held almost accountable for any of the given reason, you could agree that in no case there is liability of Geeks Live which will be greater than the given amount paid for the plan for some of the period when the cause of action comes affront.

"As a merchant we shall be under no liability in whatsoever in the respect of any loss or the damage arising directly or almost indirectly out of the decline of any of the authorization for any Transaction, on the Account of the Cardholder having been exceeded the given preset limit mutually gets agreed by us with our acquired and acquiring bank from the given time to time"

Interpretation, Application and Modification while the agreement is to be made interpreted in the totality and not in the parts. Geeks Live can be changed, amended or modified with any rule without any of the prior notice and the given acquired terms and conditions as appearing at any of the point of the time at Geeks Live that will almost always govern the current service plans. You could however agree to view these shorts of terms on the given website. Any substantial change could be carried out after the commencement of the first or the renewed plan; it will be always convey to you the shape of Alert on the Terms & Conditions through the email.

You could reconfirm that you have to read the given terms and conditions of the agreement and get these accepted to you without any of the reservation on any ground.

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