Geekslive is a one stop solution for all technical problems assisted by well trained and qualified engineers and technicians. While we provide support services for Dell, Toshiba, Lenovo, Sony, Roku, Kindle, Linksys Routers, Netgear Routers, Nook, Acer and HP Etc. and commit utmost satisfaction to clients, Geekslive is not affiliated to any of these companies. As per the agreements created we offer all the services of various brands in full transparency and honesty. With removing a comprehensive range of packages with various services and products along with support of the technical team, it is purely ours and not any company promotion. We are an online remote technical support company. We believe in supporting our customers by providing technical support and services and building a strong customer base. This is improved and is possible by increase in trust for products and services of third party. We do not have our own brand and claims to be purely support center for products and services attached to them. We take guarantee of the information provided on our website and not the ones on the client's website. Our website is a comprehensive one which showcases all the products and services we offer. There are various services we cater to like hardware related problems, internet and wireless router issues along with issues pertaining to viruses. Though we cater to various brands and related services all the names, product, logos, and services of third party product on our website are purely for reference. We hereby disclaim any ownership, sponsorship or endorsement of such third party products. Geekslive is not affiliated to any of the Companies whose products it supports. Our intention is not to promote or publicize any brand. It is purely the services and products we are associated with. Geekslive while serving its customers and maintaining its relationship with them do not endorse any such products of third party it is associated with. At the same time it does not hold any sponsorship and ownership of the companies. We at Geekslive are service providers and we abide to every law and rule. Information provided by us is not correlated with any personal information. We add various links and information of products and services of various brands attached to us and with whom we have a relationship. We are not to be held responsible for any privacy practices of their business partners. We recommend and encourage you to read their policies, as they may defer to us in various ways.

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